About us

We are the expert team for premium real estate . 

We determine how successful you can be in the property and optimize the property for maximum success in life .

Through our numerous visits to Asia and contacts we are constantly expanding our FengShui knowledge that goes far beyond the available knowledge in Europe .

We look forward to your order.

Tiger Consulting GmbH is apparent from the Convita GmbH and the planning office for Vitales and healthy building .

VitalHaus the Holictic Building Concepts and Quantum Living are among others the distinctive achievers .


"Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more."


Andreas Köhring EN

Andreas Köhring (Graduate Engineer) is a civil engineer, an expert for structure psychology, construction biology, geomancy and Feng Shui. 

He studied the Feng Shui teaching 1997 with various masters and deepened his knowledge by various studies in Asia, among others with Prof. Dr. T.Y. Jes Lim, Master Jang Tian Tzui, system by Sinsae Yoon and Master Ratchanon Ploentamkun.

By numerous visits to Asia and retreats to Buddhist monasteries he deepened his knowledge of meditation and of apprehending the inner nature of things.

Today, together with his Chinese wife Pavita Köhring, he consults investors, project managers, private builders, companies of all branches, medical doctors and private persons. 

Pavita Köhring EN

Mrs. Pavita Köhring  BSc. Pharm. is a Chinese in exile. She is a pharmacist and grew up with the knowledge of Feng Shui and meditation. She is an expert in the fields of Feng Shui, meditation and crystallogy. 

During her time as an entrepreneur in Bangkok, Thailand, she was fortunate to experience early in life how powerful this knowledge can be when properly applied. 

Today she gives advice to individual persons and enterprises in the fields of crystallogy and works out highly developed concepts for human beings and buildings.