Wohnanlage in Frankfurt / Holzhausen ( 05 / 2018 )

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Gestaltungskonzept für Vorplatz / Gartenanlage

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Aktivierung der kraftvollen Waterdragon Energie für ein Penthouse, based on I Ging Feng Shui.

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Vorplatzgestaltung eines Unternehmen

Realisation of a round entrance place, setting of the entrance gate with a special degree and creating a fountaine on the dragon-site.

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Feng Shui Vorplanung  für die Erweiterungsbaumaßnahmen Villa Rothschild

Zur Optimierung und Erhöhung der Attraktivität / Energie wurden im Juni 2014 Feng Shui Vorplanungen erstellt.

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Advanced Feng Shui Concept

Office building in Frankfurt 2013/05
- new building direction -

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Gestaltungskonzept Penthouse Kempinski

Penthouse Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein 2013/03

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Appartments, Wohn- & Geschäftshaus in Frankfurt

Residential- and Commercial building in frankfurt

Goal of the investors:

Increase long-term attractiveness of the residential building
Maintain or as the case may be increase the value long-term 

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Seit 1999:   Beratungen im privaten und geschäftlichen Bereich

Seit 1999 erstellten wir über 801 Beratungen vor Ort im privaten und geschäftlichen Bereich (Stand 03/2014).


Change the Skydirection of a building / advanced Feng Shui / Bangkok 2013

Energetische Optimierung der Gebäudeausrichtung.

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Einkaufszentrum "Der Clou" in Berlin

Shopping Center "Der Clou" in Berlin

A project of the "open real estate funds Hausinvest" of the COMMERZ GRUNDBESITZ INVESTMENTGESELLSCHAFT

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Tao Zen Garten in "Westhafen" / Frankfurt

In the middle of the “Westhafen” in Frankfurt, a green oasis in the form of a roof garden in the Tao Zen style was created - much to the delight of the residents.

The functions of the Tao Zen garden: climatic and energetic effect as a climate regulator (shield factor), evergreen, low-maintenance garden, social communication platform, generation of attentiveness and harmony

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Resort Landscape in Koh Samui, Thailand

Samui Sense Beach Resort

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Reception & office

Ergonomic & organic Design

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Fitness & Spa in Bochum

Prosperity fountaine in the reception area ...

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Oktagon-Gebäude in Frankfurt

Octagon Building in Frankfurt

Building Concept for Company Headquarters

Grave Yard Feng Shui in Kanchaburi Thailand

Grave Yard Feng Shui in Kanchaburi Thailand

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Further references

  • Excess planning for a shopping center in Berlin for the department Immobilienfonds Hausinvest of the company COMMERZ GRUNDBESITZ INVESTMENTGESELLSCHAFT.
  • Residential and commercial building "Westgarten FFM", Max Baum Immobilien GmbH.
  • Design of a new clinic building.
  • Rescheduling of hotels, Wiesbaden & Spa Hotel in Thailand.
  • Project development according to seal of approval by Vital-Energie-Office ® in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden for Investors.
  • Production site analysis and/or choice of hotels, shops and offices Europe-wide.
  • ...


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