for a better living space
for a better living space
for a better living space
for a better living space

Master FengShui Consultings

Since 20 years we create places of power, if working space, office, buildings, appartements, houses, garden, landscape, cities and land.

What is it about?

It is meant to create living and working space like tailoring an individual made-to-measure suit, thus perceptibly supporting human beings in achieving health and prosperity.

What is unique about this?

Holistic Building Concepts is based on old and new sciences, a symbiosis between learned and experienced methods of design. Twenty years of experience have taught us how buildings and plots of land with their various characteristics affect human beings.

In the beginning we were learning, in the following we were allowed to gain experience, and today we are proficient in predicting, analysing and balancing the effects of buildings on human beings.

What does this mean for human beings?

Human beings are moulded by their surroundings.

Holistic Building Concepts perceptibly raises the energy of the surrounding area so that the persons concerned will experience a considerable improvement of energy, health and wealth.

“First, houses are built by human beings, then the human beings are shaped by the houses.”

The degree of effectiveness of buildings on persons is as follows: private life: 60% and working life: 40%.

Why does Holistic Building Concepts work successfully?

Since just a few decades human beings have been spending almost 80% of their time in buildings.

The buildings, however, are not necessarily tuned to the needs of the human body. Modern buildings are affected by multiple disturbing factors.

Holistic Building Concepts eliminates disturbing factors and generates vital energy.

“The causes of near to 70% of all ill health are to be found in the direct surroundings of the persons concerned”.

When do you need
Holistic Building Concepts ?

  • When you build a new house.
  • When you move to another building.
  • When you renovate or redecorate your home.
  • When you wish to buy or sell real estate.
  • When you have been ill for a lengthy period of time.
  • When your life is stagnating.
  • When you have disturbed sleep patterns.
  • When you have interpersonal problems.
  • When you are suffering from permanent lack of energy.
  • When you wish to raise your life to a higher energy level.