for a better living space
for a better living space
for a better living space
for a better living space
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Tiger Consulting - Beratungen

Seit 1999 erstellten wir über 1500 Beratungen vor Ort im privaten und geschäftlichen Bereich.


FengShui - Gebäudeanalyse

We make an on-site Holistic Building Concepts analysis:
You will receive a comprehensive overview of the present situation of the building, giving you an idea of the strengths and potentials.

FengShui in der Praxis

You specify your expectations, goals and eventually existing problems.

Tiger Consulting

We will work out a concept based on the analysis as well as on the information obtained from you. We will be glad to accompany you during the implementation process.

Tiger Consulting - Follow up, Effektivität

After a period of six months at the latest we will have a so-called follow-up meeting with you and determine the effectiveness of our concept.


Seit 2012 bieten wir ebenfalls Beratungen per email an. BERATUNG PER EMAIL >


When you build a new house.
When you move to another building.
When you renovate or redecorate your home.
When you wish to buy or sell real estate.
When you have been ill for a longer period of time.
When your life is stagnating.
When you have disturbed sleep patterns.
When you have interpersonal problems.
When you are suffering from permanent lack of energy.
When you wish to raise your life to a higher energy level.