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Construction Biology

Modern buildings are affected by various disturbing factors causing a negative effect on the human being. Factors like electro smog, polluted building material, missing or bad ventilation can, among others, strongly influence peoples’ health.

The Sick Building Syndrome SBS), the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), or the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CSF) might consequently be triggered by these factors. Read more >



Crystals and gems are used to stabilize and balance buildings Read more >


Feng Shui

This is the ancient Chinese art of recognizing and optimizing energies. The knowledge of Feng Shui is mostly spread among Chinese people living abroad. They use Feng Shui particularly in business life.The group of about 60 million Chinese people living abroad represents one of the world’s most successful population. They dominate wide areas of Southeast Asia. Read more >



Geomancy originally means divination by the earth.

The art of geomancy is to recognize energetic fields and energy centres. The earth features zones with negative and positive earth radiation. They are more commonly called water veins, earth faults, Curry lines and Benker lines etc. But also historical burdens, such as battle grounds, burial places, ritual grounds etc. must not be underestimated. Read more >